Earthquake-proof Housing Projects

Housing projects are building communities that many people evaluate for their shelter and work needs. There are many features sought in a housing project. We can also talk about the earthquake, which is a common phenomenon for everyone in these features, which are shaped for the needs of individuals.

Our country is located in a geography that experiences earthquakes. This fact compels us to always be alert. Building earthquake-resistant cities is not a difficult task. That’s why earthquake-resistant residential projects garner significant interest.

In certain neighborhoods of Istanbul, the building stock is quite old. This situation makes pre-1999 structures even riskier in terms of earthquakes. Constructing earthquake-resistant housing and choosing to live in such residences is an exemplification of a sound consciousness.

Buildings Compliant with Earthquake Regulations

Earthquake-proof housing should be built on resilient foundations, starting with durable ground conditions. Areas at risk of liquefaction and filled lands are always hazardous. Even at the same intensity, earthquakes exhibit different oscillations on harder and rocky grounds.

If you are confident about the ground conditions, it is recommended to examine the plans and designs of the buildings as well. A building constructed in accordance with earthquake regulations promises a safer life for you. Waterproofing of the buildings should not be neglected either. Even if we are not aware, our structures are constantly exposed to water. Besides climatic conditions, internal waterproofing also supports this situation. Concrete that is saturated with water and damaged may struggle to remain standing.

Quality Building Material and Correct Technique

It is a well-known fact that earthquakes do not kill people, but buildings do. In this regard, individuals should do their best and opt for housing projects that utilize quality building materials. It is important to engage with reputable and dedicated construction companies in this regard.

Bringing together quality building materials alone is not sufficient. The use of proper construction techniques is also necessary for earthquake housing projects. If you own a house built before 1999, you can have your buildings undergo structural durability tests to ensure these features.

In addition to durability tests, structural damage tests are also recommended. If you have doubts about buildings that have experienced earthquakes but have not collapsed, it is highly recommended to conduct these tests. Regardless of the reason, if you are purchasing a home for yourself, earthquake resilience should be your top priority.

Concrete Shear Wall and Column Systems

In earthquake-proof  buildings, the use of shear walls has become the key factor. In the current state of engineering, the shear wall-column systems create strong structures. The shear wall system is not applicable to old buildings as it is a new concept, but it should definitely be inquired about when considering new housing projects.

When constructing earthquake-proof homes, consider the trio of soil, materials, and techniques. Before making a decision, take a look at Tenet İnşaat’s planned projects for the future, as they have rolled up their sleeves to enable you to spend more years with your loved ones.

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